Women’s Devotion | May 2019

Prince Charming

As wedding season 2019 fast approaches, many are preparing with excitement for the anticipated glitz and glamour that comes along with planning the next stage of their lives. It’s an exciting time full of hopes and dreams for the future. Certainly it is appropriate, at such a time, to reflect on the devotion, which lays out one young woman’s journey to finding her true “Prince Charming”. This piece was written by someone who got swept off their feet, and fell madly in love with Him. Please share this devotion to help someone who may be searching for their Prince Charming in all the wrong places!

What girl in this world hasn’t grown up playing house whether it be using their own baby dolls or Barbie and Ken? Oh and let’s not forget about the gal growing up watching all of those fairy tale movies. You know, where the handsome prince rides in on a beautifully groomed horse and sweeps the damsel in distress off her feet, gives her all she has ever desired, TRUE LOVE, and then they simply live happily ever after. These made up fairy tales only bring pure disappointments for a gal who is just on the outside looking in. Dare I say, a very large percentage of the female population; 53.2% to be exact! Let that sink in!

Unfortunately, many of us believed in this unrealistic fairy-tale. I can’t even begin to tell you how growing up with this mindset and watching those scenes play out on those ridiculously expensive Hollywood sets only resulted in a gal like me placing even more unrealistic expectations on almost everyone who walked into my life with good intentions. I truly thought that whatever male figure or human being who walked into my life came to save me. It looked so real on the TV screen, so why couldn’t it happen for me in real life? They would accept and complete me and that in them the void I always longed to fill would miraculously be filled. They would be the redemption, restoration, and healing that I needed, and they would gently and lovingly take my hand and help me escape. Escape from all of the hurt and pain! Escape from childhood rejection! Escape from my truths! Escape from myself! What I quickly and thoroughly came to realize, however, was that I was placing my faith in a fairy-tale rather than in God.

Truth is, is that when that male did not meet those unrealistic expectations, I ended up seeking that fulfillment from other people, places and things. At times it was through females, others it was through drugs, sex and alcohol. These highs only brought me temporary fulfillment and the instant satisfaction never lasted very long. What I was doing was searching for purpose and fulfillment, but only found myself in a state of endless sadness, hurt, deprivation , emptiness and hopelessness. For most of my life I struggled in this state of uncertainty, and often wondered was there ever going to be anything or anyone who would be able to heal this hurt and pain that I was constantly feeling inside.

Reality is just this, there are a lot of human beings in this world that feel the exact same way or are simply just desperate for something more. This world can only offer temporarily “fixes”. There is no human being on earth, whether male or female that could fix or fill the void that you feel. You have the choice to continue engaging in unhealthy lifestyle habits, although they will only result in a moments of temporary satisfaction, or you can seek and pursue a more long-lasting, unconditional, loving relationship!

I have news for you, my friends, what you’re so desperately desiring does exist. It only exists though, in the one true living God! Before you were even born God was fashioning and molding you (Psalms 139). He is the God who loves you with an everlasting love. He loves you so much that He sent His own Son, Christ Jesus to pay your debt in full. He is the only one who can make you whole and can provide you with everything you will ever need. It is because of what Jesus did just for you, that you can live for and do what is right. Funny thing is that in Him you can find exactly what you need and desire. All of those things you dreamed of and desired as a little girl: hope; love; joy; healing; prosperity; and peace. Yup, just like in the Hollywood fairy tales!

It is never too late for you to be introduced to this genuine, faithful, understanding, loving Prince. One who has enough love to share with everyone, yet He loves you as if you’re the only one! He has a love that will never disappoint.

With that being said, allow me to introduce to you to the one true Prince, The Prince of Peace, Jesus!

Evangelist Dennise Rosas-Bruno was born in Puerto Rico. At three months of age, she migrated to the United States, where her family settled in Georgia. She is a graduate of Southeast Georgia Bible Institute where she earned an Associate degree in Theological Studies and is in current pursuit of an Advanced Diploma in Theological Studies. In May of 2019, she will have completed the Church of God, Calling and Ministries Studies program. She currently serves as the Ministerial Credentialing Secretary and Administrative Assistant for the Women’s Director at the NJCOG state office.

With a firm knowledge of The Word, an undeniable love of God, and an indisputable belief in the plan and purpose for her life, Minister Dennise strives to not only bring the fire of God wherever she goes, but to also see lives marked, transformed, and changed for eternity despite their gender, ethnicity or culture. Her heart’s desire is to teach others to do the same and to be a helping hand in the shaking of their cities through the anointing power of God.