Women’s Devotion | March 2019

Reclaiming Lost Glory


If you are like me, you can identify with the experience of loss at some period in your life. Losing a toy as a child, or a relationship during your adolescent years seemed devastating. Lost opportunities, resources or possessions can trigger a sense of failure and open the door for depression and dejection to take root in the recesses of our souls.


We can gradually become accustomed to loss and develop an immunity to it, where we settle and accept it as our lot. We can even develop a theology to justify our acceptance of it. When we experience loss, it is important to ask this question: Was this loss orchestrated by the enemy to sabotage my destiny and purpose, or was it a necessary part of entering a new season in my journey? If you can affirm that your loss occurred as a result of the enemy’s attack on your purpose, it is imperative for you to strategically and aggressively reclaim what has been stolen. Reluctance in reclaiming what has been stolen by the enemy only gives him greater claim and foothold on what rightfully belongs to you.


The pericope in 1 Samuel 30 is a classic illustration to us about how to reclaim lost territory that has been stolen by the enemy. David experienced a devastating loss when the Amalekites burnt Ziklag and captured all his possessions including his wives. In the process, he became depressed, but he did not stay in the place of depression because he knew his destiny hinged on his response to what the enemy had done and recovering what was lost.


His human expression of sorrow and dejection was not permitted to prevail over his passion to reclaim lost territory and possessions. He wept, but in his weeping and despondency, he knew where his strength lied. He arose from that emotional slum and called upon the Lord for direction and a strategy. Because he called in the midst of his pain, he received instruction. He was told by God to pursue the enemy and recover all. WOW! In other words, God told him to get his “fight back.” I feel like someone is reading this and needs to hear that again. It’s time to get your ‘fight back!’ This gives you strength to pursue the enemy and reclaim what is rightfully yours. What the enemy has stolen from you is directly connected to your destiny and purpose and you must arise and reclaim it!


The Word from the Lord gave David and his men strength for the battle and assurance of victory. Like David, God is with you in the fight, you will recover all. His Word endorses your authority to reclaim what the enemy has stolen, now arise and muster the troops like David did. Muster the weapon of prayer, use the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Put His Word on your tongue and begin to dispel the enemy that is working against your purpose and destiny.


It is time to reclaim your health, prosperity, peace, passion, lost spiritual ground, your mind and every other possession from every encroachment of the enemy. Notice the things that the enemy stole from David were not killed, they were only captured. The enemy knows that capture is as good as dead. When he captures minds and passions, it cripples and paralyses our hope and faith. When there is no hope or faith, we cannot please God and anyone that displeases God cannot be used by Him.


I urge you to arise and do an inventory of the things that the enemy has clandestinely stolen from you and begin to intentionally pursue what is rightfully yours. It’s time to regain everything that the enemy has stolen from you! The Word of God declares in Matthew 11:12 (b) the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it or seize it by force. It is your Kingdom right to possess and enjoy all that God has ordained and decreed for you to have, and it is illegal in the spirit realm for the enemy to touch what God has given you. Make today the last day you live with the enemy having your possessions.


David arose and pursued the enemy after he prayed, and he recovered all! This is worth shouting about! Because he refused to accept what the enemy did, he arose and pursued. He was confident of God’s presence and knew that God was with him. Because of God’s presence he recovered all. God is with you, He is not only with you, He is in you and He is fighting for you! Arise, muster the troops, pursue the enemy of your destiny with new passion and conviction, because God said, you will recover all!

Rev. Leanora Colley is the Executive Pastor at the New Covenant Church, a multi-cultural congregation located in Plainfield, New Jersey. She directly serves as President of the Women’s Ministries at New Covenant. She is a graduate of the University of the West Indies where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and History. She later obtained a Master of Divinity Degree from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, Cleveland, Tennessee.

She has taught at the high school level in the British Virgin Islands and taught New Testament Studies at Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee. She served as the Clergy Representative on the Mayor’s Healthy Plainfield Coalition for the City of Plainfield, New Jersey. She recently received the distinguished award of “Women Who Shape and Change the Community” by the NAACP Chapter of Union County.

She is a conference speaker and a motivator of women. She has a passion and calling to minister hope, healing and purpose to women of the world. She has conducted workshops, seminars and conferences in various States of the United States and the Caribbean.  She is married to the Bishop Glen A. Colley and is biological mother to three budding world changers, Michael Judah, Gabriel Joshua, and Shekinah Joy.

As an ambassador of Christ, she is ardent about prayer and the knowledge of the Word of God. She enjoys writing and counseling. She can be contacted by email at executivepastornewcovenantnj.com