Smoky Mountain Children’s Home

Sevierville, Tennessee

Cottage sponsorship is more than just donating money for a worthy cause…it’s a chance to literally change the lives of disadvantaged children in meaningful and practical ways, every single day! Your sponsorship helps provide a warm, loving and cheerful environment for displaced children by maintaining their homes with needed repairs such as freshly painted walls, replacing worn out or broken furniture, purchasing appliances, providing meals on special occasions, and so much more. Many sponsors send work groups to help with the actual repairs and upkeep, while at the same time getting to meet and interact with some of the children whose lives they are positively impacting.

It’s a wonderful and rewarding opportunity to fulfill God’s command to “…look after widows and children in their distress…” James 1:27. There are 11 cottages at the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home, each of which can house up to 8 children.

Women’s Ministries has been a sponsor for the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home for years. We continue to provide financial assistance and keep them in our prayers. South Georgia Women’s Ministries sponsors Cottage 7, South Georgia Plantation Cottage. The greatest need is assistance with monthly operating expenses which is approximately $22,223.00.

Exciting news: They are building a new state of the art cottage/ home. This first home is a prototype that will serve as a model for future homes. Each state (including ours) who sponsors a cottage is asked to give towards building a new cottage/home. The old homes are small and living spaces aren’t conducive to today’s needs. They have spent and are spending a great deal of time and money just to keep the existing homes repaired and maintained. These are old construction homes with many old, recurring issues. New, energy efficient, spacious homes would be so much better and cost effective to serve the children in their care.

When you give, please make sure to note this on your check and monthly report. If you send assistance directly to the Home, please provide a copy of the check when you report so your ladies/church will receive credit.

Please send any Box Top for Education labels directly to the Home. They no longer accept Campbell Soup labels because that program has ended.


Smoky Mountain Children’s Home
449 McCarn Circle
Sevierville TN 37862
Attn: Boxtops for Education Labels

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