The States and churches within the United States are divided into four Covenant Groups of 10 to 12 states.  Sometimes because of a catastrophic event or a special need within a mission or borderline mission state others in their covenant group are asked to assist them.


New Jersey is in a Covenant Ministry Team under the 1st Assistant General Overseer Raymond and Peggy Culpepper.  Sis. Peggy leads our Covenant Sisters group comprised of 10 to 12 states and regions.  Our Covenant Sisters of the Culpepper CMT have been a blessing to New Jersey by assisting us with financial resources and prayer for our recent women’s retreat.  South Georgia Covenant Sisters is not in our Covenant Ministry Group but they have generously given to our state for renovating and decorating the State Parsonage.


New Jersey Women’s Ministries will give generously to our Covenant Sisters when there is a special need or to assist in making their women’s event a huge success!  We are blessed to be a blessing!

Culpepper Covenant Sisters

Joy Claypoole | Arkansas
Patricia Charles | Caribbean
Jan Jarvis | Heartland Region
Alice Fisher | Kentucky
Glenda Shuler | Mississippi
Lorna Burch | New Jersey
Diann Binion | New Mexico

Karen Smith | New York
Paula de la Garza | North Western Hispanic
Charissa Smith | Rocky Mountain Region
Sonja White | New England Northern
Nancy Tapley | SW Indian Ministries
Shelly Dority | Tennessee
Diane Morgan | Texas